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When a home owner lists their home on MLS they agree to pay a fee, typically 7% of the first 100k + 2.5% of the balance, to the Listing Realtor. This fee or commission is divided with part of it going the seller's listing Realtor, and the other portion going to the buyer's purchasing Realtor. Scott's proven and effective fees work as follows:

  • - If Asking price is less than $300K Seller's Realtor fee is $2950
  • - If asking price is $300k-$500K Seller's Realtor fee is $3450
  • - If asking price is $501K-$600K Seller's Realtor fee is $3950
  • - If asking price is $601K-$700K Seller's Realtor fee is $4950
  • - If asking price is more than $701K Seller's Realtor fee is $5950
  • - Scott offers the same Buyer's Realtor fee as other Real Estate companies (typically 3.22% of the first 100K + 1.15% of the balance). Note: This is the only fee that is dsplayed on the Realtor MLS.
  • - The same Buyer's Realtor fee is too ensure FULL cooperation from all Realtors and exposure to all potential buyers

How Much Will You Save?
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Scott's FeesCompared To Others *
Seller's Realtor Fee:
Buyer's Realtor Fee: ** $ $
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* Based On 7% Of The First $100,000 + 2.5% Of Balance

**Same Buyer's Realtor Fee as others for Full Cooperation and Exposure (3.22% of the first 100K + 1.15% of the balance)

List With Confidence

Let Scott's 30+ years of award winning Real Estate experience work for you. Scott's home seller guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied with his service and the market activity generated, let Scott know and he will work to correct the situation. If Scott is unable to rectify and generate results, he will offer you the opportunity to “cancel” the listing at “no cost” to you.

Save Your Money

Real Estate fees have finally evolved! That’s something to get excited about. Check out Scott's fees by putting your homes value in the "Your Asking Price" field in the  "How Much Will You Save" calcultor at the top of this page and click "Calculate". You will be amazed to see how much you can save on your Real Estate fees while still maintaining the FULL buyer’s Realtor commission split for maximum exposure to the market.

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