Questions Realtors Hope You Won't Ask!

It is a good idea to interview 2-3 Realtors from different companies so you can be confident you will get the best representation. Make sure and talk to Discount Realtor before you agree to anything, no matter how convincing it sounds, to make sure hear both sides of the story. Print a copy of this list so you get all the questions on the table.    

  1.   How much do you charge to list my home on MLS?
  2.   Will you work for less on the listing side so they buyer's Realtor side can be increased?
  3.   How many years have you been in the real estate industry?
  4.   How many homes have you sold in your career? Can you prove it?
  5.   Have you sold any homes in this area? How many?
  6.   Do you specialize in a specific type of home?
  7.   Do you have a personal website? Where does it rank in Google searchs? 
  8.   Do you have any personal assistants? How many? What do they do?
  9.   Do you have any buyers agents? 
  10.   Are you too busy to take my business?
  11.   How quickly will my telephone calls be answered?
  12.   What are your professional designations? What awards have you won?
  13.   Do you have any tesitmonial letters form previous clients?
  14.   What kind of experience and training do you have in negotiating?
  15.   Can I get out of the listing if I’m not pleased with your services? Without a hassle?
  16.   Where does your company rank among other companies in the area?
  17.   Are you a member of the MLS? What is that? How will that help me?
  18.   Do you market on internet social websites like Facebook and Twitter?
  19.   Do you market on Craiglist? What kind of format do you use? May I see a copy?
  20.   Does your company have a well known logo that people would quickly recognize?
  21.   Will you work with me if I am not referred by someone?
  22.   Are you easily reachable from the beginning of the listing until the closing?
  23.   How “high tech” is your business? How many computers do you have in your office?
  24.   Do your “For Sale” signs stand out so that potential purchasers driving by will notice them?
  25.   Do you have a plan for marketing within as well as outside of the real estate profession?
  26.   Will you personally be there when contracts are presented to handle all the negotiations?